Glaucoma/ Glaucoma Surgery

Glaucoma/ Glaucoma Surgery  青光眼/青光眼手术

Glaucoma is an eye disease associated with high eye pressure causing optic nerve damage and peripheral visual field loss. If left untreated, glaucoma can ultimately result in irreversible vision loss; thus, early detection and treatment is key to preserving vision. Dr. Wong is a fellowship-trained glaucoma specialist.  He receives patient referrals from other eye doctors for the evaluation and treatment of glaucoma. Sometimes the diagnosis of glaucoma may not be clear cut and requires a specialist like Dr. Wong to determine. Sometimes the glaucoma is uncontrolled with medications and the patient may need a glaucoma procedure. Because Dr. Wong offers both the newest technologies, such as microinvasive glaucoma surgeries (MIGS), and conventional glaucoma surgeries, such as tube shunts and trabeculectomies, he can tailor treatment based on severity of glaucoma and the needs of the patient. Because of Dr. Wong’s experience taking care of complex cases, he even receives patient referrals from other glaucoma specialists.

青光眼是一种与高眼压相关的眼病,会导致视神经损伤和周围视野丧失。如果不及时治疗,青光眼最终会导致不可逆转的视力丧失;因此,及早发现和治疗是保护视力的关键。 王医生是接受过专业培训和资格认证的青光眼专家。他常年接手其他眼科医生的转诊,以评估和治疗青光眼。有些青光眼的诊断可能不清楚,需要像王医生这样的冲洗青光眼专家来确认。有时青光眼无法用药物控制,患者可能需要紐約州法拉盛的青光眼激光眼科手術專家. 王医生提供最新技术(微创青光眼手术(MIGS)等),也可提供传统青光眼手术(管分流术和小梁切除术等),因此他会根据青光眼的严重程度和患者的需求定制治疗方案。王医生处理复杂病例的经验丰富,经常收到其他青光眼专家的转介。