Cataract Surgery

Cataract Surgery  白内障手术

Cataract is haziness of the natural lens inside the eye. When a cataract develops, the vision is not clear even if you update your glasses prescription. Symptoms include glare when driving at night, difficulty reading, and difficulty reading signs. Sometimes cataracts can become so severe that people cannot recognize faces. Wearing sunglasses outside helps prevent cataracts from progressing, but the definite treatment to restore vision is surgery. Dr. Wong is experienced in cataract surgery. He uses a surgical technique that is safe and effective and has restored vision in numerous patients. He offers new technology options, such as femtosecond laser and premium multifocal intraocular lenses, to treat astigmatism and presbyopia. As a result, his patients can see clearly after surgery, even without wearing glasses! Dr. Wong has operated on patients from different occupations – doctors, lawyers, professors, truck drivers, musicians, and more, and is able to tailor the surgical treatment based on the needs of the patient.

白内障是眼内晶状体的混浊。有白内障时,即使您更新眼镜处方,视力也不清晰。症状包括夜间驾驶时眩光、阅读困难和阅读标志困难。有时白内障会严重到无法辨认脸孔。在户外戴墨镜有助于防止白内障恶化,但恢复视力的明确治疗方法法拉盛青光眼的白内障激光手术, 纽约市。王医生在纽约市法拉盛的白内障激光手术青光眼方面经验丰富。他使用安全有效的手术技术,使不计其数的患者恢复了视力 這使他成為美國紐約法拉盛最好的白內障眼科激光手術專家。 诊所提供最新技术,例如飞秒激光和高级多焦点人工晶体,以治疗散光和老花眼。病人在手术后不戴眼镜也能看得很清楚!王医生曾为不同职业的患者做过手术—医生、律师、教授、卡车司机、音乐家等等,并且会根据患者的职业和生活需要定制手术治疗。